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We know it is difficult to purchase a wig over the internet and we would like to make our client happy shopping and order more. But as a factory as everyday we sell many many wigs to client, and there need a policy to deal with return if have. Please kindly see the return policy below:

1: Refund or remake if all at our fault, but the return unit need to be in good condition, We can¡¯t accept return wigs that have even been worn, washed, cut, or perfumed.

2. A returned item need be sent back within 7 days after you receive it.Please kindly check carefully if there is any mistake. We need any returned merchandise back in our possession within 14 days from date of shipment. After all, if you know you don¡¯t want it, you need to get it back to us in a timely manner. Please be sure and insure your return package and include a note with your name (order number, if you have it) and a brief explanation of what you would like to do.

3. Please kindly confirm everything of your order within 24 hours of recipe of your payment

4. For In Stock unit, If you do not like in stock unit and would like a change, please kindly make it within 3-4 days once you receive. Please kindly keep it well, we can change to other unit. But client need burden the shipping cost.

5. For returned unit, usually shipping back fee is on buyer¡¯s accountant, and resend back is on our accountant and repair for free. Please kindly understand, as there are some wigs client return like tangle, it is not because of our quality problem, it is because of client uncareful use it. This we have been experienced much.

We have confident to our product and accept return, and we also would like client treat our product well and explain how to good use and care product when sale to make it last long time.

Thank you for your kind cooperation!

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